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We have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of music recording, publishing and distribution.

Tanzan delivers an all around service which is able to cover every musical need. Our services include those of distribution, artistic productions, songwriting, arrangement, recording studio and why not also a musical academy.

Tanzan is focused on quality of sound and so we step over any boundarye.

So we deliver the best service possible for our artists.

Sound is important to us so we try to merge pop, rock and blues. An artist creation is a mix of beauty and sponatineity. We try to catch the very essence of it.

To us music is key and sound is equally important  cause we value quality. The high quality level of each single release is the trademark of Tanzan Music, a result made possible by a state of the art recording studio. We collaborate with some of the best european musical agencies. Our team provides a professional and widespread distribution network for you work.

These qualities make us an ideal match towards meeting your goal of having an awesome product. Therefore we record with state of the art equipment.

Tanzan Music is trying to create a small and selected team of artists followed and supported all over the creation of a musical master piece. Producers, musicians, sound engeneers, composers and many others keep on collaborating to the growth of Tanzan Music, making it a unique and innovative reality. All these aspects grant Tanzan Music the access to some of the best worldwide distribution and promotion partners.



Tanzan Music Academy Label Recording Studio Rock Pop Soul Funk Jazz BluesTanzan Music Academy Label Recording Studio Rock Pop Soul Funk Jazz Blues

Our Passion

We provide the best service when it comes to recording. The whole concept of transforming an idea into an album is deeply molded into our dna. You can visit our record label portal in order to see our artist portfolio and store, where you can listen to our works.

Our artists range from R&B to Jazz going through Rock, Classic Rock, Blues and Pop. We share a common predisposition towards lovig music and its expression so that’s why we care about who we produce and record.

Italy, Via Balbi, 94
26846 Ospedaletto Lodigiano
Email: info@tanzanmusic.com
Phone: +39 377 390 124